Symbology Resources

These resources are offered as extended reference materials for Graham’s Bootcamp courses on Symbology.
The materials are an evolving project which you may choose to utilize to continue your spiritual studies.

It could be said that the use of symbols as communication tools is as old as humanity’s journey itself. In fact, language itself may be considered the use of spoken symbols to describe our collective experiences.

Written language evolved through the use of symbols. Symbols may be pictograms, numbers, colours; representational or abstract, visual, or auditory or can be conveyed via any or all of our senses.

Symbols are used and understood overtly in our daily lives, as abbreviations and shortforms whether traffic directives, labels or emojis.

However, the universal symbols that are portrayed in Tarot decks are not only used as obvious tools of communication but also serve as portals, gateways to accessing and understanding the realm of the collective consciousness.

As tarot readers, psychics and mediums the more adept we are at recognizing the multi-level meanings of symbols, through both overt and intuitive means, the more we are able to be of service to those
seeking our guidance.

While the study of symbology is ultimately limitless and multi-dimensional, by achieving fluency in the language of traditional visual symbols we create the basis for understanding the language of what may be known (amongst other descriptions) as the Collective Unconscious, the Akash, or the Divine Matrix.

Here are a few resources you may find helpful for continuing your exploration of the history, evolution and meanings of symbols.

Semiotic Terminology

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Ten most important angels on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

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Stan Tenen: Geometry of Language


In Hebrew, each letter corresponds to a number. As a result, any word or name can become a series of numbers. Numbers can be taken one at a time or added together. There is significance when words include or add up to the same numbers; the meaning of the words that share numbers are thought to be deeply related or even identical.

The Ties between Letters, Words, and Numbers

Cultural references for Symbols: First Nations, India clid=IwAR0-NxDO0xfuvwVExys2iU98caI1Nuy1iYtVHEa_WApBPS8efPiX3YrNjvY

Carl Jung, Alchemy & Tarot: Symbols of Transformation | Psychology // Philosophy


Jungian Archetypes in 10 Minutes