Different Tarot Reading Options to Broaden Your Horizons

Welcome to Spiritual Centre, where Laurie, your trusted Toronto Tarot Reader, invites you to explore the profound insights and guidance that tarot can offer on your life’s journey.

Standard Tarot Reading Sessions:

30-Minute Session – $75:

    • Perfect for quick insights and specific questions.

    • General energetic tarot reading for clarity on the present and immediate future.

45-Minute Session – $90:

    • Ideal for a more in-depth exploration of your concerns.

    • Tailored tarot reading focuses on specific areas of your life, such as love, career, or personal growth.

1-Hour Session – $150:

    • Comprehensive session for a detailed understanding.

    • Dive deep into the energies surrounding you with a full tarot spread.

1.5-Hour Session – $175:

    • Extensive exploration for a holistic view.

    • In-depth tarot reading covering multiple aspects of your life, providing profound insights.

Specialized Tarot Reading Offers:

Love and Relationships – $100 (45 Minutes):

    • Navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

    • Tarot insights tailored to matters of the heart, providing guidance on love, romance, and relationship dynamics.

Career and Finance – $100 (45 Minutes):

    • Gain clarity on your professional journey and financial outlook.

    • Tarot reading focused on career prospects, financial decisions, and professional development.

Energetic Alignment – $75 (30 Minutes):

    • Harmonize your spiritual energies for balance and well-being.

    • General tarot reading with a focus on spiritual energies, chakra alignment, and personal balance.

Booking Information:

How to Book:

    • To schedule your Toronto Tarot Reading session, please contact Laurie directly.


    • Sessions are available via phone or video call.


    • Payment is accepted securely through our online booking system.


    • All sessions are recorded and provided to you for future reference.

    • Discounts available for package bookings and returning clients.

Unlock the wisdom of the tarot with Laurie and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and enlightenment. Book your Toronto Tarot Reading session today!